Two Hours at Goodnoe Hills

During the annual Persied Meteor shower a wind mill produces power while stars fall all round.

Night Passage

A westbound BNSF train works its way up the east side of Stevens Pass. Along the way the crew is challenged to keep it moving despite the dark of night.

Summer Storm

After a beautiful summer day an evening thunderstorm rolls over the mountains of central Montana.

Summer Solstice

A time lapse of a southbound Union Pacific freight train as it tackles the Oregon Cascades after sunset.

Roads End

Scenes from a family vacation to the beautiful Oregon coast.

Scenes From Judith Basin County

Beautiful Judith Basin County Montana provides a backdrop for beautiful photography. This remote and wild place will beg you to return.

Stampede Hell! Tamed

Stampede tunnel, notorious for its confined spaces, is tamed by modernization.

A Rare Weed
A short story of a rare weed found trackside among a group of railfan photographers.
Pride of the Fleet

How a visit to Moscow, ID foretold the future for BN’s hottest power.

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